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High quality academic proofreading


  • Having trouble getting your paper published?

  • Want to make your academic English flow smoothly and correctly?

  • Need to polish your thesis?

  • Trying to sharpen your grant proposal?

  • Worried about reliability?

  • Tips for academic writing (based on proofreading hundreds of papers)


Academic ProofreadingPlus is a 100% satisfaction-guaranteed service for academic staff and graduate students at universities who need to polish the English language and argumentative structure of their papers, grant proposals and theses. I specialize in the following:

  • High-quality proofreading and polishing of your academic English;

  • Expert editing and commenting on your academic papers and proposals;

  • Professional advice on "revise and resubmit" papers;

  • Strictly confidential;

  • Experienced proofreading of your thesis in the areas of education, second language teaching and learning, and the social sciences.

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