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Services and Rates

For expert editing and proofreading of academic papers or your thesis, contact me at:


Services include simple proofreading and corrections in grammar and academic style. Extra services include reviewing comments similar to those you would receive when your paper is submitted to a journal.  Payment is easily processed through Paypal via your credit card or bank draft.

All services are guaranteed and strictly confidential with very reasonable rates. Rates are variable depending on the estimated amount of time required for the task.

  • Proofreading academic papers (typical length up to 10,000 words from HK$3,000 (US$380)

  • Proofreading Plus (proofreading and reviewing academic papers plus post-editing support until submission) (typically HK$5,000) (US$640)

  • Master's Thesis (contact for estimate)

  • Doctoral Thesis (contact for estimate)

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