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Dr. Paul Stapleton   

I have worked in several universities in Asia over the past three decades, most recently as Head of the Department of English Language Education and Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Director of the EdD Program at the Education University of Hong Kong. I have 30 years experience publishing and teaching in the area of academic writing with over 100 journal articles and books. As a reviewer and board member of SSCI journals, I have extensive experience in critiquing, reviewing, editing and proofreading academic papers related to language teaching and learning. 

ProofreadingPlus is a special service that includes more than simple proofreading. In addition to correcting grammar and typos and improving your style, I will also add comments to your manuscript along with post-editing support meant to improve your chances of getting your paper accepted. Satisfied clients include professors and graduate students from multiple countries in Asia.

Take a look around my site to view my academic publications and other writings.

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